Lighthouse in rough seas

Smoothing The Waves

I first went to sea when I was a young child.

My heart never left.

During my lifetime I’ve seen the adverse affects that humankind has had on our wonderful marine wilderness. And it worries me.

The fashion industry is a big contributor to the problem.

Of The Oceans was born out of my desire to only wear clothes with the best environmental credentials. Quality clothes that last. Clothes that I’d be proud to wear.

Scott Roberts

Life on planet Earth is intrinsically linked to the oceans: every second breath we take comes from the oceans; our rain comes from the oceans; carbon dioxide is absorbed by the oceans. Yet we insist on treating them like a bin for our rubbish and an infinite source of food that can be pillaged at will.

The fashion industry is a big contributor to the pollution problem.

Of The Oceans was founded to show that fashion can be done better. All our clothes are produced with the best environmental credentials and we’re always seeking to improve. None of our clothes contain plastics, such as polyester – plastics that end up in the oceans as nasty micro-plastics. Our clothes are produced with organic fibres and the manufacturers are accredited ensuring the fair treatment of factory workers

With every purchase, Of The Oceans also contributes 5% to marine conservation charities – charities that are at the sharp end of trying to ensure that the oceans continue to support all life on our planet.