Of The Oceans

Quality clothing with a conscience

Our hemp shirts are a blend of hemp and organic cotton, resulting in a fabric that is soft, strong and sustainable.

Being kind to your skin, the environment and keeping micro plastics out of our oceans

With every purchase, 5% is donated to a marine conservation charity

We Don’t Just Sell Hemp Shirts…

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We also talk about some of the most important, and often least known, marine conservation work going on around the world – and how your purchase is helping!

Model sat on chair with checked hemp shirt and hemp jeans

Eco Friendly Menswear

The fashion industry is dirty!

It’s one of the biggest emitters of CO2

But not all clothes are made equal…

Our clothes are kinder to the environment

Each product lists its eco credentials

Our products are ethically produced*

*Our shirts a certified to the Fair Wear standard

6 Reasons to Choose Hemp Shirts

Vibrant green hemp leaves against a black background

Hemp clothing is naturally antimicrobial

Your clothes stay fresh for longer

Hemp clothing isn’t rough

Pure hemp shirts feel a lot like linen. Our shirts are blended with cotton and feel like pure cotton

Hemp clothes are good when it’s warm and cold

The microscopic hemp fibres are hollow, meaning that they are great at insulating you from the heat and the cold

Hemp naturally wicks moisture away

This helps to keep you feeling fresh when things get a bit sweaty!

Ironing hemp isn’t hard

Our blend of hemp and cotton mean that ironing them is about the same as for a pure cotton shirt

Hemp is hard wearing and resistant to pilling

Hemp fibres are the strongest of the natural fibres used for clothing

If you have more questions about the practicalities of owning and wearing hemp clothes, take a look at our hemp clothes FAQ, or for a deeper delve, have a look at our article dedicated to hemp clothes.