The Classic Cut Shirt in Hemp (Purple Anemone)



Our classic cut shirts are made from 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton and adorned with mother-of-pearl buttons

The natural weave of the hemp gives a slight texture to the fabric, similar to a linen shirt.

Customer Reviews

A selection of our Trustpilot reviews…
“As usual prompt reasonable delivery and a great product.”, RP
“Great quality/fit, with excellent customer service and delivery times.”, CW
“Great Quality and fit. Everything I have had from these guys has been great. So good to know the products come from a good source, and a bit of the proceeds help nature too. Their clothes are not the cheapest but they look and feel great and I think they will stand the test of time, no problem. Thanks for great and speedy service!”, CS
“Beautiful quality t-shirts at a very reasonable price, excellent service and quick delivery. Thank you! Will definitely be placing more orders in the future :)”, ME
“Excellent selection of Bamboo clothing, ethically sourced. My Son normally only wears 100% bamboo, however he is really impressed with Of The Ocean’s bamboo/ cotton mix t-shirts. I bought the Atlantic grey and the white, and was pleased that they are exactly as shown in the photographs. I had a glitch checking out, PayPal was on the Fritz, and hadn’t noticed that the checkout hadn’t gone through because I was in a Christmas shopping frenzy Of the oceans contacted me via email just to check that I had noticed that check our hadn’t actually gone through, for which I am very grateful as I had just ticked it off my list and moved on to the next shop. Once I had checked out properly they dispatched really quickly and I managed to get them in plenty of time for Christmas. I have passed the details onto my son so he can shop there directly, although I think I will pop back myself to peruse what interesting things they have for his birthday.”, TG
“The shirts are high quality, ecologically packaged, fit the description. We had to wait for them to arrive because the staff were on holiday, hence four stars not five.”, TH

Reply:Thanks for the review Tina, we’re really glad you like our product. We’re sorry you had to wait for the delivery, we’ll try and make the factory shutdown period clearer on the website next year. Thnaks again for your feedback :-)

“Great clothes, great price, ethically produced. Will definitely buy from them again. Highly recommended.”, GW
“The t-shirts arrived. They are as described. I will buy from you again.”, JR

Size Guide

Shirt Size Guide



To get the perfect fit, we recommend:

  • Look in your wardrobe for a similar piece of clothing – one where you’re happy with the fit.
  • Lay it down flat and take the measurements shown in the diagram above.
  • Compare those measurements with our size guide.

The actual measurements of a “large” hoodie, or a “medium” t-shirt, can vary significantly between different manufacturers – this method helps you get the right fit first time.

Caring for your garment

A big chunk of the environmental impact a garment has occurs once it’s in your hands. These guidelines not only ensure that your garment will last, but also help to keep the planet cool.

  • Only wash when it really needs it. This saves energy, water, your time and extends its life.
  • When it’s ready for a wash, turn it inside out. This reduces the abrasion on the outside of the garment, and helps it to keep looking crisp for longer.
  • Wash at 30 degrees. Yep, I know, we wash colours at 40 right? Well, there’s no need – it’ll look and smell just great when washed at 30deg (as will most of your clothes!). It’ll also help to cut your electricity bill too – winner!
  • Line dry after washing. Hot washing and tumble drying can effect the dimensional stability and can cause fading of the colours.


The clothes industry is a particularly dirty industry – we’re trying to do things in a better way!

None of our clothes contain polyester, nylon, or any other unsustainable man-made fibres, ensuring that micro plastics don’t end up in the sea. But that’s just the start. Below is a list of credentials that this product adheres to:

Organic Content Standard

The “Organic Content Standard – Blended” (OCS) certifies that part of the material used in this fabric is organic. In this case 45% of the fabric is cotton and is certified as organic. But what about the 55% hemp? Hemp grows like a weed and natually doesn’t require any pesticides or other polluting chemicals. Click the OCS logo below to find out more about their certification process, or visit our blog to see why we think hemp is the wonder fabric we need.

Organic Cotton Standard - Blended certification logo

Fair Wear Standard

The Fair Wear Foundation is a non-profit organisation with the mission to “see a world where the garment industry supports workers in realising their rights to safe, dignified, properly paid employment”. The manufacturer of this product is certified to the Fair Wear standard. Click on the Fair Wear logo below for more detailed information.

Fair Wear Logo


The fabric used in this garment is a blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.

Hemp is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial. It has excellent moisture wicking properties and due to the fact the fibre is hollow, it insulates you against the heat in the summer and cold in the winter.

Hemp fibres are 4 to 5 times stronger than cotton. Whilst 100% hemp fabrics are great, they do have a similar feel to linen – not the softest. Organic cotton, however, is super soft. This blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton gives the best compromise between strength and feel.

Hemp is similar to linen in that it has nubs and slubs in the weave – these are slight imperfections in the cloth that give hemp, and hence your garment, it’s own unique character.

Fabric weight: 130 grams per square meter

Shipping & Returns

Our standard shipping costs are: £3.40 – Standard delivery, tracked, 3-4 working days £4.50 – Express delivery, tracked, 1-2 working days

We can, however, just sneak a single t-shirt out as a large letter, so we have a cheaper rate for those orders only: £2.70 – Standard delivery,   3-4 working days £3.30 – Express delivery, 1-2 working days

Returns You can send any unwanted items back to us, FREE, within 21 days. We understand that this might not be long enough when purchasing gifts for Christmas, so for any December orders we ask that you contact us by the 8th January or within 21 days of the purchase, whichever is the longer. Please ensure that the items are unworn and have any labels still attached. To make a return, please let us know via the returns contact form and we’ll email you a postage label. If you don’t have a printer, we can post the return label to you – just make a note of it when you contact us. We normally expect to process your return and issue your refund within 7 days from receipt of the item, although this may be a little longer during busy periods. Please make sure that you get a receipt of postage just in case the item goes missing in the post!

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Organic Content Standard


The Organic Content Standard (OCS) is a standard that was created by the textile exchange, an organisation that is committed to organic agriculture.


The OCS has two standards, one that certifies that 100% of the fabric content is organic and one which will certify that a percentage of the fabric is organic – the latter is called the OCS Blended Standard. Details of the certification process can be found at the Textile Exchange.


The OCS Blended Standard is often used where the certified fabric is made of a blend of materials. At Of The Oceans, we sell a number of garments that are a blend of cotton and hemp. In this case, the cotton in the blend is certified as organic. The Hemp is not certified as organic. Hemp doesn’t require any pesticides or insecticides to grow – from this perspective, the time consuming and costly process of certification is deemed not to be necessary by the manufacturer, as the crop is grown naturally.


This is what our manufacturer says: “Due to the fact that hemp grows like a weed without needing pesticides or other harmful chemicals, we do not believe it is necessary to certify our hemp material. Moreover, our hemp comes from numerous small farmers including many terraced farms – certifying all of these small farms would result in high costs”


If you are interested in learning more about how hemp may be key to a more sustainable future, not just in the clothing industry, you may be interested in Amy Ansel’s TED talk:


The Fair Wear Foundation

The Fair Wear Foundation wants clothes to be made in a better way. They ensure that a code of labour practices are implemented and monitor compliance through audits, producing an annual report on their accredited members.